Reasons NOT to join our Senior QA Training Program

We do not want to mislead you. We did not design this program for everyone. In fact, it takes a special type of person to persist through our program. And on top of that,we do not offer your money back ... ever!. So please think very carefully before commiting to join the program. Here are some reasons why our approach may not suit you:

  • We expect the journey to be demoralizing because you are developing new habits!
  • Your habit of 'Read-research-try' will have to change
  • We provide only clues, no right answers
  • We are not trainers - we are engineers
  • There is no spoon-feeding
  • We offer highly limited support
  • Our communication is asynchronous
  • We use chat and no talk!
  • Our program is not targeted towards clearing interviews at large companies
  • We do not help you with theory and definitions
  • No money back ... for any reason!
  • There are no extensions to the training period
  • We expect a significant time commitement: 12-weeks and 120-hours in total
  • This is NOT self-paced learning