Sample training material

We designed our training program to use several different mediums to teach you a whole host of technology. In fact, a lot of what makes our training program unique is our creatively designed material. Rather than tell you about it, we thought we would expose you to a small sample of some things you will come across.

1. New tools

We have developed several in-house tools specifically to train QA. These tools are designed to simulate real work and will help you break old habits and let you see your work from a new perspective. For example, to help you improve your coding skills, we have created a set of challenges with errors in them. Fixing these errors (just like you would at your real job) ends up being a nice and natural way for you to learn a new language.

2. Jira tickets

The primary way we communicate with you is through Jira. Here is an example of a ticket you will be given to work on.

3. A training portal

We will occassionally use a training portal we developed to communicate some instructions and walk you through come thought processes. You can take a look at our training portal that we have populated with a couple of sample exercises. You can use the username demo and password training123.

4. Blog posts

Qxf2 (the company we work for) has a very popular testing-focused blog. So sometimes, we will ask you to follow blog posts. More often than not, we will be refering you to blog posts that we have written. And don't worry - these blog posts have been carefully selected keeping your skill levels in mind. At the start of the training program, the blog posts will be elaborate and very prescriptive. As you advance, we will make you learn from less elaborate posts.

Example 1: Once you have used git for a bit and are wondering how to understand it conceptually, you will be asked to refer to: Testers, get started with git.

Example 2: When we ask you to make an open source contribution to a GitHub project, you will be asked to refer to: Contributing code to GitHub projects.

5. Slide shows

We will arm you with a variety of slide shows to help you learn concepts. We are sharing one example with you here:

6. Emails

Through this training program, we will share some of our experiences that we think are relevant to you. You can also expect to receive many tips to make your life easier. For example, here is a snippet of an email you will receive teaching you how to apply to small companies by using the skills you picked up as part of this training program.

7. Carefully chosen multi-purpose tasks

Everything you produce during this training will help you in your career. We try our best to pick weekly assignments that are just out of your comfort zone at multiple levels. For example, if you already know Selenium and a bit of Unix but haven't had exposure to CI/CD, one of your tasks will be to implement CI/CD for the software application you have chosen to test.