Hey QA, are your limited technical skills a threat to your job security?

Welcome to a training program that upgrades your technical skills and increases your job security. We noticed a growing problem in the QA world. There are many good testers who succeeded at their jobs. Unfortunately, that very success kept them constantly busy for years and prevented them from regularly upskilling themselves. Now, they find it hard to catch up with the new challenges that come with a rapidly changing technology landscape.

To solve this problem, we have designed a non-traditional training program to help experienced QA. The training approach simulates real-life work experiences and makes you learn tech tools. You choose a software application you want to test and let us know. We will pick weekly tasks to help you test the application. The tasks chosen will not only be useful but will also force you to increase your technical skills. The course spans 12-weeks and requires a total time investment of 120 hours. At the end of the training program you can add a lot of relevant technical tools to your resume.

If you are interested in joining this program - cool! But this program is not meant for everyone. So we strongly recommend you carefully read through this entire website. After that, if you are still keen on joining, please write to Arun (mak@qxf2.com).